These are the thoughts shared by our clients:

I lost my husband due to medical malpractice.  J. handled the wrongful death case for me.  We sued 2 hospitals, multiple nurses and techs, 3 doctors and 7 doctor’s practices because that is what the case required.  J. was up against 4 and 5 lawyers at a time and he backed them all down, making their clients pay me and apologize.  He was a one-man army.  I got justice and I gained friends for life.  I love the people at the firm like my own family.  J. and his staff will often call and check on me even though my case is long since over.  We formed a real, personal bond.  That is how it is with The Dow Firm, P.C. – M.M.

My child was hit by a car while he was crossing the street in a school zone.  The reckless driver’s insurance company completely denied my child’s serious injury motor vehicle accident claim, laying blame on my son.  I brought the matter to Mr. Dow and he looked at it from an entirely different angle and articulated that position to the insurance company in undeniable terms.  The insurance company buckled and paid nearly $100,000 even though they almost had me convinced my son was at fault when he was hit by a car.  Mr. Dow’s firm was the difference in my son securing justice in his case and I recommend them highly. – T.A.

I was injured in a tractor-trailer wreck in Brunswick, Georgia while I was visiting from out of state.  When I returned home to Florida, I called a large Florida law firm to try to handle my Glynn County, Georgia case.  This was a mistake.  The Florida attorneys could not get my case settled for a fair amount.  Fortunately, the Florida firm contacted Mr. Dow to file a lawsuit on my behalf and he agreed to help.  Once the case was filed and the trucking company started working against The Dow Firm, P.C., they saw what they were up against and started to talk about legitimate settlement numbers.  In the end, Mr. Dow secured a litigated settlement for me which was double what I would have accepted.  And it was way more than the Florida law firm had advised me to take.  I am very thankful that J. got involved.  He and his staff really took care in my representation and looked out for me. – L.P.

I suspected my husband died as a result of medical malpractice.  I was referred to The Dow Firm, P.C. by another attorney who does not handle these types of wrongful death cases.  Mr. Dow and his staff of experts (nurses and doctors) evaluated the situation and found that my husband had been victimized, but not as I originally suspected.  The cause of my husband’s death was found in some obscure medical record entries which revealed an entirely different situation than the doctors had shared with me.  Mr. Dow’s law firm’s investigative work was exceptional and I am so lucky I hired them.  After we filed suit the doctor indicated he wanted to settle my case, but he and his insurance company tried to pay less than a reasonable amount.  J. refused their offer and pressed on.  Eventually, the other side caved in and paid what we demanded.  I got unexpected answers and results in my case.  Mr. Dow was passionate, assuring and firm the whole way. – L.H.

I slipped and fell at a store and broke my wrist badly due to a dangerous condition caused by the store’s employees’ negligence.  The insurance adjuster for the store called me and told me it was my fault.  I called The Dow Firm, P.C. on a recommendation from a friend.  I am very glad I did.  Mr. Dow investigated the situation personally, going to the store and looking at the scene himself.  He also made the store produce its surveillance video which showed the circumstances of my fall.  When the company which owned the store tried to settle my claim out of court for $7,500, J. told me we should file a lawsuit to make the company accept responsibility.  We sued the company and got a judgment and payment over $100,000.  This was the figure Mr. Dow recommended to me and the court.  J. knows what he is doing and he holds people accountable.  I am very thankful his firm helped me and I recommend them to anyone I can.  – B.B.