These are the thoughts shared by our clients:


I lost my husband due to medical malpractice.  J. handled the wrongful death case for me.  We sued 2 hospitals, multiple nurses and techs, 3 doctors and 7 doctor’s practices because that is what the case required.  J. was up against 4 and 5 lawyers at a time and he backed them all down, making their clients pay me and apologize.  He was a one-man army.  I got justice and I gained friends for life.  I love the people at the firm like my own family.  J. and his staff will often call and check on me even though my case is long since over.  We formed a real, personal bond.  That is how it is with The Dow Firm, P.C. – M.M.


My child was hit by a car while he was crossing the street in a school zone.  The reckless driver’s insurance company completely denied my child’s serious injury motor vehicle accident claim, laying blame on my son.  I brought the matter to Mr. Dow and he looked at it from an entirely different angle and articulated that position to the insurance company in undeniable terms.  The insurance company buckled and paid nearly $100,000 even though they almost had me convinced my son was at fault when he was hit by a car.  Mr. Dow’s firm was the difference in my son securing justice in his case and I recommend them highly. – T.A.


I was injured in a tractor-trailer wreck in Brunswick, Georgia while I was visiting from out of state.  When I returned home to Florida, I called a large Florida law firm to try to handle my Glynn County, Georgia case.  This was a mistake.  The Florida attorneys could not get my case settled for a fair amount.  Fortunately, the Florida firm contacted Mr. Dow to file a lawsuit on my behalf and he agreed to help.  Once the case was filed and the trucking company started working against The Dow Firm, P.C., they saw what they were up against and started to talk about legitimate settlement numbers.  In the end, Mr. Dow secured a litigated settlement for me which was double what I would have accepted.  And it was way more than the Florida law firm had advised me to take.  I am very thankful that J. got involved.  He and his staff really took care in my representation and looked out for me. – L.P.


I suspected my husband died as a result of medical malpractice.  I was referred to The Dow Firm, P.C. by another attorney who does not handle these types of wrongful death cases.  Mr. Dow and his staff of experts (nurses and doctors) evaluated the situation and found that my husband had been victimized, but not as I originally suspected.  The cause of my husband’s death was found in some obscure medical record entries which revealed an entirely different situation than the doctors had shared with me.  Mr. Dow’s law firm’s investigative work was exceptional and I am so lucky I hired them.  After we filed suit the doctor indicated he wanted to settle my case, but he and his insurance company tried to pay less than a reasonable amount.  J. refused their offer and pressed on.  Eventually, the other side caved in and paid what we demanded.  I got unexpected answers and results in my case.  Mr. Dow was passionate, assuring and firm the whole way. – L.H.


I slipped and fell at a store and broke my wrist badly due to a dangerous condition caused by the store’s employees’ negligence.  The insurance adjuster for the store called me and told me it was my fault.  I called The Dow Firm, P.C. on a recommendation from a friend.  I am very glad I did.  Mr. Dow investigated the situation personally, going to the store and looking at the scene himself.  He also made the store produce its surveillance video which showed the circumstances of my fall.  When the company which owned the store tried to settle my claim out of court for $7,500, J. told me we should file a lawsuit to make the company accept responsibility.  We sued the company and got a judgment and payment over $100,000.  This was the figure Mr. Dow recommended to me and the court.  J. knows what he is doing and he holds people accountable.  I am very thankful his firm helped me and I recommend them to anyone I can.  – B.B.


I hired a Florida TV commercial lawyer to handle my car wreck case.  I chose this guy’s law firm because of its advertising and the messages it sends about being aggressive and making insurance companies pay.  Well, surprise!  That Florida television lawyer screwed-up my case.  That law firm got my claims thrown out of court because they did not understand Georgia law and did not know what they were doing.  And after they messed my case up, they would not call me to address the situation.  So, I called Mr. Dow because I heard he would handle legal malpractice cases against TV lawyers.  Boy, does he!  J. got after that lawyer and made him squirm like you never see the guy behaving in his commercials.  The big mouth tough-guy was acting completely different than he does in all his advertising.  He basically admitted that his firm isn’t all it’s cracked-up to be and that he doesn’t have the experience that he claims he does.  The Dow Firm, P.C. goes after these guys hard. – P.L.


When my husband died of medical malpractice, I was distraught and unsure what I needed to do.  I made a decision to call The Dow Firm, P.C. in Brunswick, Georgia.  J. and his staff quickly investigated my claim and got my case filed in court to push for justice.  With Mr. Dow’s assistance, I was able to secure a multimillion-dollar judgment and recover the maximum available for my loss and the loss of my husband’s children.  This was a significant amount under the facts of the case.  Mr. Dow was well-prepared and handled my claim thoroughly.  He is an exceptionally good trial lawyer.  He is quick-thinking and well-spoken.  You really should see J. in action.  He does not disappoint.  I am grateful The Dow Firm, P.C. took my case and made something positive out of my tragedy when all seemed lost.  The Dow Firm, P.C. was a blessing and I recommend Mr. Dow and his staff to everyone who needs legal assistance. – S.B.


We knew Mr. Dow from our interaction with him in the Glynn County community.  Personally, he is a down-to-earth, nice guy.  But when it comes to handling personal injury cases, like our car wreck case, he is downright tough.  The staff at The Dow Firm, P.C. handled us with care, but did not hold back on the guy who injured us.  In the end, the other side buckled and settled our case for top dollar.  We were compensated to the full extent possible.  Mr. Dow and his staff made a real difference in our lives when we needed it.  They were always available to assist and I spoke with Mr. Dow at all hours of the day and night, during the work week and on weekends.  I had J.’s cell phone and when I called, he answered or, if he was unavailable, he called me back promptly.  The people at The Dow Firm, P.C. take their time to work with and for you.  They explain things, listen to your concerns and give you all your options.  We made the right call getting Mr. Dow and his great staff to help us.  The Dow Firm, P.C. deserves a 10/10 – 5 star rating. – K.G.


My family has been unfortunate in that we have been involved in a couple of serious car wrecks.  We knew about the reputation of Mr. Dow’s firm from law enforcement officers who recommended him highly.  In both cases, Mr. Dow and his staff worked quickly, efficiently and aggressively to get the very best recovery for us.  In both cases, The Dow Firm, P.C. met or exceeded our expectations.  We recovered our damages and then some.  Mr. Dow and his team have worked hard to earn the reputation they have in our community.  If you find yourself in need of assistance with a car wreck, you need to call The Dow Firm, P.C.  We know from personal experience. We have done it repeatedly and we haven’t been let down.  These folks treat us like family and never take us for granted. – M.M.


My father died due to complications at a nursing home in Glynn County, Georgia.  J. and his nursing staff and experts quickly reviewed the case and acted to preserve important evidence related to my dad’s situation.  With the assistance of The Dow Firm, P.C., I was able to stand-up for my father’s rights and make the nursing home accountable for their actions.  I strongly recommend using Mr. Dow’s firm for any type of personal injury or wrongful death case in Brunswick, Georgia and surrounding areas. – K.D.


I am a registered nurse and I was injured due to medical malpractice.  My husband, who is a police officer, suggested I call Mr. Dow because he is known in the law enforcement community as an excellent personal injury lawyer.  My husband knew Mr. Dow did well in cases like car wrecks and tractor-trailer wrecks and he trusted that J. would also be able to handle healthcare negligence matters.  I came to learn J.’s reputation is deserved.  You should see him in court.  He is amazing.  He won my case big-time, getting a verdict over $1,200,000.  Mr. Dow and his trial team put together a presentation that the “big” firm we went up against could not match.  It was impressive.  In fact, the judge hearing the case said that as well.  I’m not surprised that even judges refer cases to Mr. Dow. – J.D.


I was seriously injured in a car wreck. My husband and I did our research about law firms and we decided to call The Dow Firm, P.C. because of its impressive results and apparent commitment to personal service. We were not disappointed. Mr. Dow and his staff vigilantly monitored our case and assisted us at every turn (from the resolution of the property damage claim to the assertion of my personal injury claim and my husband’s loss of consortium claim). When it came time to present the claims to the insurance company, Mr. Dow and his staff had done a comprehensive job understanding the extent of our damages and articulating the value of the case to the negligent driver’s liability carrier. The Dow Firm, P.C. had worked our case up as if it was going to be filed in court and the firm was ready to go if we did not receive a proper settlement offer. As it turned out, Mr. Dow was able to secure all the insurance coverage and get our case settled without having to go to trial. It put the money in our control immediately and allowed us to get on with our lives. I recommend The Dow Firm, P.C. in the highest terms possible. If you are hurt and need representation, hire them. They truly care and they are extremely thorough, aggressive and professional. – D.K.