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The following is information withheld from trial juries and the public.

Punitive Damages for Drunk/Intoxicated and Distracted Drivers in Motor Vehicle Wrecks

Many serious injuries and wrongful deaths arise from people operating motor vehicles while impaired. Driving while intoxicated is conduct so dangerous that Georgia’s legislature has specifically passed a civil law against driving under the influence which works in tandem with the statute that makes DUI a criminal offense.

Georgia Distracted Driving Laws

The legal impact of driving while texting/using a cell phone

“Do unto others…” is not allowed in court – Georgia Trial Practice Law Info

It has been said, “Some surgeries are “minor” – that is until the doctor starts cutting on you.” As thought-provoking as this saying is, under Georgia trial practice law, the spirit of that message is prohibited from being raised for a jury’s consideration at trial by a plaintiff’s lawyer.

Georgia Personal Injury (Tort) Law Basics

Under the Georgia civil justice system, a civil wrong (called a “tort”) is remedied by a plaintiff asserting a claim and maintaining an action against a defendant.

Healthcare provider immunities and the destruction of patients’ rights

In Georgia, when a healthcare provider commits negligence resulting in an injury or death of a patient, significant laws are in place designed to protect a healthcare provider from liability and, at the same time, render a patient legally helpless.

How insurance companies profit

The insurance industry is the only sector of the economy which makes all of its money by limiting the amount of money it loses.

The McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit Facts

Everyone knows what you’re talking about when you mention “the McDonald’s lawsuit.” Even though this case was decided in August of 1994, for many Americans it continues to represent the “problem” with our civil justice system.

The public actually trusts good lawyers

When people are hurt and they find their lives turned upside down by tragedy, they entrust their fate to the character and integrity of their lawyer.

The truth about tort reform

Tort “reform” is a dupe-the-masses movement designed to limit all individuals’ access to the country’s civil courts by restricting their constitutional right to a trial by jury.

Insurance coverage in personal injury trials – What you need to know in Georgia

Typically in a personal injury trial, a deliberating jury will want to know about insurance.

A defendant’s conduct before and after injuring someone is usually not admissible in court

Often at trial, information is kept from a jury which one would ordinarily consider to be completely relevant in deciding a matter in real life.

Personal Injury Claims, Settlements & Lawsuits – Learn the Distinctions

Personal Injury Claims, Settlements & Lawsuits – Learn the Distinctions In Georgia law, there are material distinctions between personal injury claims, personal injury lawsuits and personal injury settlements. On a continuum, a personal injury claim (or, in the instance of a death, a wrongful death claim) arises before anything else happens. Specifically, when a wrong-doer […]

Questions to ask before hiring a Georgia personal injury / wrongful death attorney

Questions to ask before hiring a Georgia personal injury attorney or wrongful death attorney

What “negligence” and “damages” are really about in Georgia law

The words “negligence” and “damages” are actual terms of art, defined by Georgia law.


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